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Dates to Remember:

17th Annual Performathon - May 7, 2016:
The Board at LFSMA wishes to thank all of our wonderful volunteers who helped enable our 16th Annual Performathon to run so smoothly!

-The LFSMA Performathon is our annual music recital for our students.  Please come and support them....they've worked hard all year for this special day.  We will also have refreshements and gift basket raffles...always a hit!  

Student Notes regarding Performathon:    

Once again we will be needing adult volunteers to sign up for times to help out throughout the day of the Performathon.  There will be a sign up sheet for volunteers posted in the hallway once we get closer to the Performathon date. Please be sure to sign up.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Newly formed programs are beginning:

Our Young Composers program will be back! On a date in late winter our students will be showcasing pieces that they have written themselves.  Their teachers will help them get started and guide them through the writing process.  Some pieces will be solely instrumental and others may be their own poems put to music or a previously written poem put to music.  The students' pieces will then be made into sheet music and performed.

Miss G would like to get the Wind Ensemble going again this February.  This is a very small group and is much different than playing in a large school band.  Each person in this group will be heard and is very important to the ensemble.  There is a small, flexible fee to participate.  Please see Miss Gretchen to sign up.  

Financial Aid is available for our students.  Please see your teacher for information.   As of February 2013,  through  2012 grant money received from the Berkshire Taconic Foundation, LFSMA is happy to announce that five scholarships have been awarded to some very deserving students.  In addition to the financial aid scholarships, grant money was also used to purchase a laptop and Sibelius softwware program.  Sibelius will allow the students in the Young Composers program to "engrave" their compositions and print them out like real sheet music.  They will also be able to post their compositions to websites if desired.

We would also like to thank Stewarts Shops for their Holiday Match donation to our school this past January!

LFSMA students  provided music for Barnwell residents on Sunday, December 23, 2012. Keith Niver's and Sue Anthony's   students performed.  There is another recital planned at Barnwell for February 24, 2013.  


Student Jennifer Grace
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